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How To Install Vermiculite Pool Bottom

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Vermiculite Home Page for Information about Vermiculite … – For information about the many uses of vermiculite in horticulture, construction, and industrial applications, there are a number of helpful and useful web sites …

Schundler Company Contractor’s Guide for V+16, Ultra Mix … – WEATHER CONDITIONS AFFECTING VERMICULITE POOL BASES: Very hot and dry conditions, extremely wet ground or heavy rain, and/or freezing temperatures all create …

Schundler Company–Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool Construction … – The Schundler Company manufactures vermiculite products like Schundler V+16 Pool Base, Ultra Mix and Ultra Mix II. These products normally are sold to distributors …

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How to install your own DIY pool bottom using vermiculite and portland cement. Larry discusses tools and equipment needed to trowel a vermiculite pool floor.

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