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How To Install Tar Bz Files

software installation – How do I install a .tar.gz (or … – I have downloaded tar.gz files. But I don’t know how to install it. How do I install this kind of file?

Extract/Uncompress/Unarchive Almost Any File in Linux (tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, gz, bz, zip, 7z, rar, etc…) This is a no-frills Linux command line guide/cheat sheet …

There is no installer available, but just extracting the tar.bz2 to the default directory (usually /usr/local/seamonkey) achieves the same result as an installer would.

How to Extract Tar Files to Specific or Different Directory in Linux. by Aaron Kili | Published: January 2, 2016 | Last Updated: January 1, 2016

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UNIX/Cygwin/MinGW Compilation – GraphicsMagick – Build Configuration. Use ‘configure’ to automatically configure, build, and install GraphicsMagick. The configure script may be executed from the GraphicsMagick …

How to Compress and Extract Files Using the tar Command … – The tar command on Linux is often used to create .tar.gz or .tgz archive files, also called “tarballs.” This command has a large number of options, but you just …

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