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How To Install Magento Locally On Windows 7

pip is a replacement for easy_install. But should I install pip using easy_install on Windows? Is there a better way?

A supplementarily handy (but trivial) tip for installing older version of packages from source. First, if you call "install.packages", it always installs the latest …

How to install magento on localhost wamp windows 7PowerShell – Install-WindowsFeature (and family) missing … – While Ryan’s answer is correct, I would recommend to stay away from the Install-WindowsFeature cmdlets if you want to run your scripts on workstations as well.

I am new to GPO push install. I just configured a group policy to push install a software for machines in the domain. However, it fails with error code 1603. The …

Quite similar to this one. For past three days Chrome started to show cake over its icon in task bar: What is its meaning or how to get rid of it?

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I am attempting to install two hotfixes manually from Microsoft – one addresses the svchost.exe extreme memory usage problem, and the other addresses the slow Windows …

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