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How To Keep Green Tree Pythons

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PYTHONS. Pythons live near the equator, in Asia and Africa, where it is hot and wet and their huge bodies can stay warm. They make their homes in caves or in trees …

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Credit: FWC . Burmese pythons are causing problems in Florida. “This species is a very large, up to 20 feet in length, top predator that is able to consume most of …

Green tree Python care and housingPythons – Billabong Sanctuary – This section starts with some information on the natural history of all pythons, and then talks about species that live here at Billabong Sanctuary and a few others …

Did You Know? The end of the tail of the green tree python is a different colour from the rest of the snake and is used as a lure to attract potential food.

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Melissa Kaplan’s Herp Care Collection Last updated January 1, 2014. Ball Pythons . Python regius ©1996 Melissa Kaplan

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